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Beauty and The Beast and Other Weekend Ramblings

Beauty and The Beast and Other Weekend Ramblings

Does anyone else get the Sunday Blues? I certainly get them, especially after such a fun weekend with the family.

The weather was beautiful here, and Camp and I both took some days off to spend with Remi for her spring break.

Thursday I had to work, but Camp took Remi out to an indoor trampoline park, lunch, ice cream, and then to the toy store. I told Camp to snap some good photos, but this is all I have.

Her birthday is coming up in a few weeks and we are still trying to figure out what she really wants.
Does anyone else have kids that go pick out a ton of things, but then they really only want a few of them?! This happened to us at Christmas. We always have Remi circle things in the toy catalog, with the caveat that she doesn’t get all of it. But at least we have a good idea what she wants, or so we think. We ended up placing an Amazon order on Christmas Eve praying it would arrive on time, because it was that “one” thing she really wanted. It was late, but she was still happy.

Back to the weekend, Friday ended up being more work than play since we had to go move some furniture from my grandma’s house.
Side story about that; my grandma just moved from her house, and we are working on clearing everything out before April 7th. It’s a huge job considering she has lived there for over 50 years. I am planning on doing another blog post on my grandma moving and her house, and all of the emotions that brings with it.

In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we did make Remi a fun green breakfast that morning, and she had a friend come over to spend the night, so it was fun for her by the end of the day.

St. Paddys Food .jpg

Saturday we bought tickets for Beauty and The Beast, and I’m pretty sure I was more excited than Remi for the movie. I thought they did a great job capturing and remaking the Disney classic from 1991. I would definitely recommend going if you haven’t already. I will say that because it’s not animated, I’m not sure if it would hold the attention of kiddos under 5 or 6, but that’s just my opinion.

I went for a run on Sunday. I didn’t set out to do a certain distance, but hoped to run more than 6 miles. I knew that I could make it around 8 miles, but that didn’t end up happening. The first few miles of the run I felt ok, but Gerdie kept pulling on the leash to use the restroom, it was humid, and my energy started depleting very quickly. I only ran 6.25 miles, and I really felt good about that. There was a time that I would have felt extremely disappointed in myself, but lately I am appreciative just to get out there and run.

I spent a lot of time doing some personal writing work, and later in the day we took Gerdie and Remi to the park to get their “wiggles” out.

We ended the weekend with a dinner that Remi has named “Mexican Casserole.” She says it’s her favorite meal and even told me that I was the best cook ever

How was your weekend? Did anyone else see Beauty and the Beast?

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