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Long Overdue Post and Remi's Birthday!

Long Overdue Post and Remi's Birthday!

I have realized that it takes a lot more time than I anticipated putting together a blog post. I’m really trying to get in a consistent pattern with it, but work was super busy the past few weeks. It’s kind of hard to turn on my personal laptop after a long day and working at night. Excuses, excuses, but at least they are legit, right?! Please tell me, bloggers who also work full-time, how do you find the time and energy to post every single day? I need some of your inspiration! 

I decided, since I haven't posted in a long time, to combine the two weekends, and just share what has been going on lately. 

Two weeks ago we went to a local make-your-own pizza place, Your Pie. You really just tell them the toppings you want and they have the dough all ready to go. It’s kind of like fast food pizza, but it tastes great! The Kid’s Meal comes with free ice cream, and Remi is a big fan of that. I also love that they have a small bar so parents can get a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

The past few Saturday mornings we have gone to our usual spin class. We had a sub for the past couple of weeks, and I think she wishes death upon us all (lol). Seriously though, she is intense, but it’s good to be pushed with workouts sometimes. Last Saturday our regular teacher was back, and I love her. She makes us work really hard, but she is also really inspiring. Has anyone else gotten emotional in a spin class before, or is it just me? I found myself very moved by her words about working towards what you want, not giving up, and not letting anything or anyone bring you down. 

Spin Pic.jpg

I will spare you all of the details about our disappointing donut trip, but here is a cute picture of Remi eating my donut (because I hated it).

One of the highlights of the past few weeks was getting together with some good friends of ours for lunch. They used to be our neighbors, but moved about an hour away last summer. We decided to meet in the middle at LSA Burger in Denton. Has anyone local been there? I don’t ever eat regular burgers, but their veggie burger is amazing, and their salads are awesome too! I had to post this picture of Remi with their two precious girls, it cracks me up! 

I will end this long post with Remi's birthday. She turned 8 years old last week, and it's hard for me to believe I have known her since she was 2. 

Remi loves her birthday to the point of doing count-down days that start right after Christmas, lol. She does get to celebrate a lot with two sets of parents and tons of friends. 

We started her birthday a few days early with some gifts from us and some cake pops (yum). On her actual birthday, we met up with her mom and stepdad at a Mexican restaurant (her fav). We started this tradition, of the four of us meeting for dinner on her b-day, three years ago, and although some might think it's strange, I know Remi loves it. 

Birthday Gifts.jpg

Her party was on Saturday at her mom and stepdad’s house. I made some cupcakes for the occasion and we brought them over as kids were arriving. They bought her a trampoline and all the kids had an absolute blast! I think Camp liked it a little bit too!


What is your favorite birthday tradition? What's your favorite dessert?

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