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Weekend Update and Thoughts on Mother's Day as a Stepmom

Weekend Update and Thoughts on Mother's Day as a Stepmom

Happy Hump Day, friends!How is your week going? How was your weekend? 

We had a good weekend; it was very busy, which is nothing new for us. Camp and I don’t have a lot of extra time for errands during the week, so we usually end up cramming fun and not-so-fun activities into most weekends. I just wish there was one more day where I could do nothing and feel good about it, but in all honesty even if that existed I would still find something to do instead of relax.

Friday night Camp and I got an unexpected bonus date night since Remi went to a friend’s house for a birthday party and a sleepover. We went to The Brass Tap in Allen. It’s mostly a craft beer bar, but they have pretty decent food. 

Saturday started with our usual spin class. One day I will take a selfie and not care about everyone staring at me, but for now you can use your imaginations. I didn’t cry this week, which is probably good.

We picked up Mimi for lunch, and after that we had a slew of errands to do. I convinced Camp that we needed to go to Whole Foods to pick up dinner supplies and he didn’t argue. Remi requested corn with our grilled chicken. I know corn is not technically the best vegetable, but it’s better than french fries, right?! Most nights I make a salad, or we have something that hides the veggies, so she gets them in at our house.

Remi Whole Foods.jpg

Sunday was hard. I don’t know what exactly was wrong, but I definitely think my anxiety got the best of me. I met my neighbor friend for a run outside, but it was 45 degrees with 20 mph winds. After about half a mile, we turned around and decided to treadmill it instead. Because I had to get back in time for Camp to leave for spin class, I ended up with about 5 ½ miles instead of the 8 miles I had planned. I know that life happens, and that Sundays when we have Remi we have to share our morning exercise time. But I allowed the schedule getting off and missing some miles to put me in a bad mood.

I stayed in my funk longer than I wanted to do, but by the time we got to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, I felt a little better. We made the best of the day, despite the still crazy wind, and Remi had fun on all of the rides and activities.

I do want to talk about something else; I’m curious how other stepmoms feel about Mother’s Day. I went to Kroger on Sunday morning and I was by myself there, which is rare. I decided to browse the Mother’s Day cards and hopefully pick up one for Mimi. I noticed that out of all the cards, I saw exactly 1 for Stepmoms. There were some other cards that would probably work, but only 1 that specifically said “Stepmom”.  I have pretty mixed feelings about celebrating Mother’s Day as a stepmom. On one hand, I think I should be recognized for being a parental figure in Remi’s life on a regular basis, but on the other hand should stepmoms celebrate another day that’s not on Mother’s Day?

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